We are an event communication agency

Profirst is an events communication agency that fuses creativity, innovation and design to form premium events and digital experiences for global clientele. Our goal is to craft bespoke physical and virtual moments for not only brands of luxury and corporations but also private clients. Our strategy is to do so through a series of steps that combine objective, ideation, design, development and finally event activation. Our passion is to create a unique moment entirely constructed around your customer experience from brand awareness to conversion. A live or virtual event that sparks emotion and creates a lasting memory.    

Profirst was founded in 1988 by free-thinking individuals who were hungry to pave their own path and approach as an agency in the event communication industry. Over the past 30 years, we have re-invented ourselves continuously through learning how to navigate our ever-changing ecosystem with digital revolutions, societal reformations, global heating and now a pandemic. Our ever-evolving collective has embraced this change as an opportunity to reset and re-think the future of event communication.

We move at the speed of innovation and change to create a program for our clients and their customers that is not just an ordinary event but a moment in time in the brands life that transforms storytelling to story sharing. We specialize in the ideation of event concepts which we develop with event marketing and lastly activate the event. Our aim is to create depth for our clients and their customers by evoking emotion through a live or virtual moment in the brands life.   

As a creative communication agency it is our role to deliver excellence through perpetual attention to detail where our biggest point of difference is our highly curated talent. Our multi-disciplinary and progressive team that never stops thinking and thinks ahead. This mindset nurtured the relationships we have with our clients and partnerships for over decades. Our team is a humble ensemble of creatives, designers, innovators, production specialists, strategists, consultants, photographers, copywriters, scenographers. We are always looking for the best talents to join our team

We are fueled by cultivating and consolidating human connections, gathering people safely as our social dynamics shift. For us every project, moment and event is an opportunity to grow and reform. We are ever-evolving our way of thinking and communicating whilst remaining solutions-focused. We go beyond the event itself to design a communication campaign with premium content that revolves around your brand 

It would be our pleasure to collaborate with you whether you are a brand, a corporation or a private client to create a bespoke experience for you that goes beyond to evoke emotion and creates a lasting memory for your guests or customers. Please contact us via any means most convenient to you and we will make sure to be in touch, we guarantee that our creative agency will build beyond your dreams.  

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